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            Design                                                       prototyping                                                   lost wax casting

            Solding                                                     CNC machining                                                painting&decal

We believe that our high—quality products should be shared with brass model lovers all over the world. Therefore, we hav...
Just received an email from a Korean customer.We have given a high praise to the quality  of our products. It is our con...
I wish everyone enjoy the new year. In the new year, we hope that the impact of COV-19 on humans will be eliminated soon...
COV-19 has a huge impact on various industries. The model industry is no exception. But the number of orders for our Dav...
                Stamping                                                 Product Assembly                                            Finished model
Professional production of various scale brass models
Quality leads to future
Focus on brass models
Meet customer needs Achieve customer goals
20 years of work experience
About us We specialize in producing various scale brass models and various accessories. (Design, prototyping, lost wax precision casting, etching processing, machining, laser cutting, painting, decals)
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